Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Love Russia

because iam a student of russian litterature, i must love all about russia!
their culture, their language, their foods, their history..umm i think i dont really like their story..
Russian story is terrify i think..hehee
but now in university, i hate russian grammar or pajes...
studying pajes makes me lill bit crazy,,,hahhaaa
i keep wondering why if i studying about grammar (pajes, tajweed, etc) it takes a long tome for me to understand..!!
however, i really really want to go to Russia 2 years again...i wish all my uni friend go there too

my lecturer (also my best sister) said that when she goes to russia, in St. Petersburg, there are an issue about "skinhead" people.
skinhead people is a group of people who dont like the tourist, expecially they hates chinese people.
because in russian history, mongolian ride russia for 2.5 century (if i not wrong)
when my sister comes there, theres an accident that a chinese man was pushed into the train by the skinhead.
when the chinese man in waiting for train, and there is a train come fast, and the skinhead push the chinese man into the train..and then you know what happen.....
hiiiyyy thats so scary!!
but now, theres no skinhead anymore..(i wish so)

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